Submit a Product

Want to submit a product you absolutely LOVE (or maybe find ridiculous)? If it hasn't already been added to the site, and it meets some incredibly subjective guidelines, I might publish it. Really, I'm just looking for folks whose sincere love for a product comes through. I don't want to be shilling stuff only because you got it for free.

What should my review be like?

I'm not looking for essays or dry descriptions. Make it fun, let your enthusiasm for the product shine through, but let's not overwhelm anyone with the minutiae that (let's be honest), most folks don't care about. Submissions that read like press releases will not be published, sorry.

Can I submit products on behalf of my company?

Yep, no problem, as long as the review is genuine and earnest, and you're not flooding me with a ton of stuff. Last time a bunch of people "independently" started adding different products from a small brand and that got annoying. At the end of the day we want suggestions from *people* not brands or PR agencies.

Where will my submission show up?

It'll be available as part of the "all products", and then curated into categories (your typical mens apparel/women's apparel/snow/shoes/etc) and possibly into a list (which are a bit more fun). It won't show up immediately, as I need to approve each one to avoid spam.

Your short description (1-2 sentences) is what appears on gear cards. Your long description is what appears on detail pages and in lists. They're never in the same places so you can re-use some copy.

Your credit will appear on products with the link you provide!