Some stuff you need.
Mostly stuff you probably don't.

This is a place I share things I like, love, or just find interesting. Mostly travel/outdoor products, but occasionally other stuff. Also, deals!

The new Ford Bronco

Do I need it? Probably not. But I definitely want one.


Black Diamond Alpenglow Hooded Shirt

The perfect summer layer. I've worn it doing every type of summer activity, and after my Arcteryx Atom LT, this is probably my most worn/loved piece of gear.



Cocoon Camp Pillow

Stop piling extra clothes to create a "pillow" in your sleeping bag. I used to do it too. It's not worth it. Spend the $30. You'll thank me later.




Jetboil Flash

It boils water in 100 seconds (without breaking a sweat).




Gerber Shard

There are countless reasons to carry a keychain multitool. You'll probably use this one to open bottles.




Watercolor Woods Buff

Put a fish on your face.




The Hiker Trash Dictionary

Crack the Hiker Trash code for more effective communication with those smelly trail humans.




Wildly Good Socks

Wildly Good Socks. AKA Really Good Socks



Patagonia Better Sweater Fleece Vest

The VC vest. Be prepared for random people to pitch you their startup idea on the trail.




Skratch Labs Hydration Mix

Throw that neon gatorade in the garbage and sub Skratch, and your kidneys will thank you later



DU/ER No Sweat Pant

Not sweat pants. More like really comfortable, durable, slightly stretchy, super versatile, "regular" pants.




Dynafit Radical Down Jacket

Everyone in the office makes fun of me because I have the pictured color-way. They might be on to something.



Black Diamond Rhythm Tee

This lightweight merino tee barely feels like it's there.



The Vollebak Indestructible Puffer

In case you needed a knife-proof, "good to -40 degrees", too cool for Canada Goose puffy made from dyneema.



Chris "Jigidy" Jensen

Polar Shorts

For the chosen few who shun pants, there's Polar Shorts.



Chris "Jigidy" Jensen

Liquid Hardware Magnetic Lid Insulated Water Bottles

Beautiful designs, insulated to keep coffee hot for hours, magnetic lid makes me feel like a super hero.




Cnoc Outdoors Vecto 2L Water Container

The Cnoc Vecto is a soft water container for backpackers that like their water soft and floppy. Not like those other water containers that are cold, hard, and rude to their mothers.




SheFly Apparel Pants

Ever need to pee outside but can't find a tree to hide behind? Want to protect your rear from mosquito bites, cactus pricks, and chilly breezes where the sun doesn't usually shine? SheFly Pants are here to make peeing freely easier for people with vulvas! Their patent-pending zipper makes peeing a breeze.





Ski touring with friends and it's too cold to pop a squat? Pull our your p-style! Solo roadtriping and the next reststop isn't for another hour? Pull off the side of the highway and break out your p-style.



Lauren Hudgins

The Deuce of Spades #2

Dig a cathole. The world is your litter box.



Lauren Hudgins

CuloClean Backcountry Bidet

Yes. It's for your asshole.



Parks - Standards Manual

For the lover of parks, and design. Public lands design-gasm.




Kula Cloth

The P cloth you didn’t know you needed!




Matek Women's Gentoo

This onesie is the only way I'll survive winter–plus, it has cute buttons and a fun butt flap.



Sweet Protection Switcher MIPS Snow Helmet

This helmet has a lot of holes, but that's a good thing. Protect that noggin and stay nice and cool at the same time.