Desert Island Survival in Panama



Learn new survival skills, disconnect, and test yourself in a challenging, controlled environment under the supervision of two expert wilderness and bushcraft guides.

For the first five days, you and your fellow Bolt members will live “survival light”, developing a suite of knowledge that will soon prove invaluable. Days will be full of education and the core skills needed to survive on The Island. Nights are dedicated to delicious food, games around the campfire, a thimble or three of Caribbean rum, and full nights of sleep in comfortable, high-end Hennessy expedition hammocks.

After the training is complete, the crew is cast-away, marooned on the island for 72 hours to live out the adventure of a lifetime, applying newly learned skills, limited equipment, and the communal resilience of the group to build fire by friction, find food, create shelter, and survive!

At the end of the 72 hours, salvation arrives in the form of a speedboat, filled to the brim with cold drinks and fresh fruit, to whisk you back to the hotel. Marvel at linens and enjoy the best shower of your life before our experience concludes with a 3 course meal to celebrate our survival, attempting to put the last eight days into words.

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