Cnoc Outdoors Vecto 2L Water Container



The Cnoc Vecto is a soft water container for backpackers that like their water soft and floppy. Not like those other water containers that are cold, hard, and rude to their mothers.

I love the Vecto because it's a backpacking product made by backpackers for backpackers. Cnoc took a known problem with carrying, filtering, and transporting water in the backcountry and invented a solution. No longer are we hurting our delicate outdoorsy hands on hard plastic bags, fighting with single-use bottles and air pressure, or taking up precious backpack space with oversized containers. The Vecto rolls up small when empty, and when full resembles something one might refer to as a "wobbly sausage". Filtering is easier with the Vecto because the unique TPU material has stretch, meaning you can really channel your frustrations through your arms into the bag as you squeeze brown puddle water into a clear, refreshing beverage. Who knew someone could make me enthusiastic about a bag of water?

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