Pay Aponte and Paola Espitia-Aponte

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

About Me

We are a husband and wife team using video to advocate for a sustainable society. Each of us has a deep connection to nature - Pay as a Puerto-Rican surfer, standup paddleboarder, SCUBA diver, and mountain biker and Paola as a marine biologist, SCUBA diver, underwater photographer, open water swimmer, and standup paddleboarder. Because of our understanding of the wellness benefits of a life lived outdoors, we focus on projects that highlight environmental issues and the people caring for the environment. In this way, we are creating a better, bluer world for our 6-month-old son, PeakoMar.

How I've been affected

Our future video projects have been cancelled, Paola's in-person speaking engagements have been cancelled, and travel has been placed on hold. Our family needs your support so please book us for: - video editing - videos of virtual hikes, paddle routes, or mt. bike trails - virtual talks about storytelling, sustainability, and the sea - virtual media workshops - to be featured in our Conversations with Paola video interview series