Ken Gross, Map Artist

Millinocket, Maine

About Me

Based in Millinocket, Maine, Ken Gross is an artist primarily focused on making maps. Self-taught, Ken utilizes traditional printmaking in unconventional ways to depict geographies, a radical change from the maps that he produced as a professional cartographer over a thirty year career. Mostly working with relief prints and etchings, Ken also explores “place” through other media as well including pen and ink and watercolor. The end result, no matter the media, is a piece reflecting an emotional connection with the area being depicted.

How I've been affected

I have been effected in two ways: First of all, Millinocket, Maine is the gateway to Baxter State Park—home of Mount Katahdin, the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail—and the headquarters of Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument. Tourism is the backbone of our economy, and with Covid-19 lockdowns, my sales of handmade maps have plummeted to nothing. Secondly, per my original plan, 2020 was to be my breakout year with the placement of my work in shops and galleries throughout the state of Maine. In other words, small businesses that rely on tourism and foot traffic; none of these businesses could be classified as "essential." My hope is that you will visit my pages: please take a look at my work on my website and follow my progress on Instagram. If you know of someone who may appreciate my work, please pass this request on to them, too. Lastly, if you feel so moved, please sign up for my email newsletter at the bottom of my website. I would love it if you bought a map as well, but word of mouth is just as important to me at this juncture. Thanks! -Ken