Connor & Alix Bruson

Colorado Springs, Colorado

About Me

Hey! We're Connor + Alix - Two married videographers traveling the country in our self-built campervan, documenting wild stories along the way. ​We're outdoor lovers and pizza connoisseurs, but more importantly, we're dedicated to creating films that are story-driven, authentic, and unique. Primarily, we film adventurous elopements and destination weddings in the entire Rocky Mountain region. We're always up for an exciting new film project!

How I've been affected

As wedding/event videographers, our couples have had to postpone their spring/summer weddings to fall or 2021, which defers our income until that time. As van dwellers, our travels have been grounded to our parents’ driveways. Since the majority of our bookings come from word of mouth, we would be so grateful if you share our website with any adventurous engaged people you might know! Also, a huge way you can lend support is watching our brand new Van Tour video on YouTube, subscribing, and giving it a thumbs up. Links to all these things can be found on our Instagram page. Thank you for your support!