Christian Murillo

Bend, Oregon

About Me

I am a professional natural landscape and adventure sport photographer based in Bend, Oregon. My work has taken me all across the world, and has given me the opportunity with incredible companies such as The Outbound, National Geographic, Backpacker Magazine, Feathered Friends, Slingfin Tents, and Hydro Flask. My mission is to use my photography to not only build admiration and love for the great wilderness areas of our planet, but also to educate my audience about the fragility that some of these ecosystems are facing in the era of anthropomorphic climate change.

How I've been affected

Although I am blessed to not have to worry about rent payments in my Tiny House, the COVID-19 scenario has hit freelance artists, including myself, particularly hard. Usually, spring and summer are my peak seasons not only for getting outside and actually creating new photographs, but also for teaching photography workshops. Spreading my knowledge and passion to others is extremely fulfilling to me, but unfortunately, that side of the business has taken a big hit right now. However, I am a big proponent of earning the support that anyone is generous enough to provide, and the best way to do so is to buy a print or two if you can! My work is printed in a variety of sizes and formats and I have options at every price point, although all of my work is printed with archival gallery-quality methods and materials. In addition, I am running a limited-time 15% off special with the promo code 'COVID' on my website.