Wild Barn Coffee

Boulder, Colorado

About us

This Boulder-based coffee-slingin’ jingle-singin’ operation is owned by Jenny Verrochi and Alyssa Evans. Jenny has been in the coffee biz since ‘97 with her family business, Red Barn Coffee Roasters. One day, deep in the woods, she loudly exclaimed her idea into the aspens, “I’m going to can my cold-brew!” She continued to work diligently in the labs, tinkering with exotic aromas from lands far far away. Her coffee knowledge and her love for the outdoors collided into a stardust galaxy which is now known as Wild Barn Coffee. With the perfect tasting brew, all Jenny needed was a can that would turn heads and inspire the masses. Cue: Alyssa, best friend and packaging genius. Alyssa stepped in to punch some pixels into place, a skill she learned from years of packaging design. With their powers combined, and some inspiration from their friends, they birthed one hell of a cheeky brand. (Yup. That can has butt cheeks.)

How Affected

Before the quarantine times, we were out selling and sampling coffee at events and in stores. We are a young business, and a lot of our sales are driven by sampling and /or being struck by our packaging whilst perusing the shelf. These days, we know people just aren't taking their time in the stores, or trying anything new. That's why we've started selling 12 packs of cans online, which is currently our main stream of revenue, so you can support us there. Stay safe out there friends, we miss ya!