Tour Operator/Guide

Western Spirit Cycling

Moab, Utah

About us

We have perfected week long bike trips for first timers to seasoned pros! For 30 years we've shown folks the best week of their lives! #westernspirit Since 1990

How Affected

All our trips have been cancelled and while we're paying our guides to help with equipment maintenance it's been extremely tough navigating the small business loans. We're keeping our head up and know that once we get through this, our small backcountry trips will be more important than ever. Knowing our guests - they'll be ready to come back and our style trips will be more relevant than ever. Having faith in traveling with us when the time comes, is all we can hope for now. If you're not ready to travel this summer, a gift certificate for that someone special would certainly help carry us through. And give that person something joyful to look forward to.