Turtle Fur

Morrisville, Vermont

About us

Turtle Fur made its first mark on the outdoor industry in 1982, with the invention of the fleece neck warmer – aptly dubbed The Turtle’s Neck. Designed to free once scarf-clad skiers from bulky accessories that could easily tangle, the neck warmer was a shift in the winter sports market that proves successful to this day. From The Neck was born The Hat, and from The Hat, many more hats. What started with fleece roots has expanded to a variety of headwear and neckwear for both everyday life as well as life’s greatest adventures. Nestled in the mountains of Vermont, Turtle Fur knows tough weather, and it shows in every one of their products – from the stylish faux fur pom beanie, to the moisture-wicking and breathable balaclava. By creating comfortable, quality designs, Turtle Fur provides you with the coverage you need to get outside and do what you love to do.

How Affected

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, winter came to an abrupt stop, ski resorts shut down, and retailers closed their doors. Many of Turtle Fur’s retail partners are left without an audience to sell to, and there is mass uncertainty as to when doors will reopen. This leaves many question marks for Turtle Fur – both the brand, as well as the employees. Some of the challenges they’re facing include factory closures, disrupted supply chains, and a decline in retailer orders, leaving the revenue stream quite unpredictable. Turtle Fur is adjusting the best way they can – by exploring what their place will be in the industry going forward, and how their history of creating quality and comfortable products can be put to good use in this “new normal.” The best ways for people to show support for Turtle Fur at this time is by shopping on Turtle Fur’s website, or finding their products on Amazon. They offer many lightweight and breathable face coverings, as well as headwear and accessories for outdoor adventures yet to come. They also have gift cards available if you’re not ready to purchase gear just yet. Another small way to help is by following along with them on social media and signing up for their emails. They’re releasing some exciting new products in the summer and fall, and the more support these products have, the better!