The San Diego River Park Foundation

San Diego, California

About us

The San Diego River Park Foundation envisions the creation of a 52-mile, river-long park. We convene over 10,000 volunteers annual to care for our River and build community around nature stewardship. These volunteers clean up trash from along out river, monitor water quality, restore native habitat, survey plant and animal species, provide free science education to local youth, and much more!

How Affected

There are two main ways that we are requesting support during this time: 1. Remote Volunteerism - We have a variety of ways that volunteers can continue to stay involved with us. The list of opportunities, which is being updated frequently, is here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xro4ITtSzgSb1mtmZqiTSln312dCDS6cUizJrTOwV14 2. Financial Support - Some funding sources are not as reliable as before, and this has led us to minimize staff and other expenses by more than 20%. In the short-term, donations will help us get through this as we explore all options available for continuing our vital work. More info here: https://www.sandiegoriver.org/give.html