Tour Operator/Guide

Logan Kinei Nature Experiences

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

About us

Logan Kinei Nature Experiences take small groups of people, up to ten, out on the trails and beaches of the Cape Cod National Seashore. We are the only business with authorization to provide a guided walking tour on Cape Cod National Seashore property. The experiences are guided to not only immerse and connect people with nature, but include hike/nature walk, meditation practices, breathwork, movement, and group discussion. All of the practices guide us to a deeper connection with nature, which is really a deeper connection to ourself. Being in a group also adds an energy that also helps us thrive. We have to realign with nature, respect nature, and understand that we are nature. This helps reduce stress, anxiety, depression, sadness, pain, anger, frustration; while improving immunity, creativity, joy, focus, and overall wellbeing.

How Affected

My wife and I are also starting a regenerative garden at our home on Cape Cod which we are documenting on Instagram, @littlefootgarden. We plan to turn this into a business to serve the local community, as well as connecting to people anywhere in the world. We have big plans for the future with Regenerative Gardening and Lifestyle Experiences such as educational experiences for children, selling flowers and produce and compost, consulting to help others regenerate soil.... but right now we are just trying to get started. We could use a lot of support and if anyone wants help in financing, we certainly can use it!