Portland, Oregon

About us

A childhood friendship created this traveling duo starting with yearly trips to Idaho. Overtime, those trips flowed over into Montana, all over Oregon and Washington, down to California, and even international trips. We think it's important that everyone has the opportunity to experience the same amazing places that we have and we want to inspire others to get out on their own escapade. Our website offers mapped road trips, information about hikes we recommend, tips for National Parks, our collection of hot springs, and information about the conservation of all these natural places. Our clothing and merchandise sales help fund these trips so we can keep providing motivation for other adventurers.

How Affected

With the stay at home order, we have been unable to get outside to hike and explore. A trip abroad was cut short leading to costly plane tickets. The loss of our day jobs has lead to being unable to create new merchandise. The best support Escapadious can receive right now is for people to follow us on social media, share our posts, and buy a sticker or flask.