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Breakwater Expeditions

Multiple Destinations - National

About us

We provide intentional adventure programming for groups. Any group can participate, so long as they have a common thread. Our experiences normally range from 3 to 10 days. You set the focus. You choose your destination. It’s your trip. We have course areas we most commonly visit, but we are constantly expanding these and welcome new locations. Breakwater leads both fully immersive wilderness excursions as well as day trips for groups residing in a lodge or retreat center. Strengthen your group, through a nature-inspired adventure, while being supported by professionals trained to recognize and facilitate group dynamics that reinforce both individual and common goals

How Affected

We have had to cancel trips for our groups and individual clients. Some of these trips serve populations that were already struggling with disease, mental health, and more. We would love to be a resource for families that are desiring an out-of-the box experience for their entire family. We are able to create trips that fit the COVID world we are living in and provide opportunity for people to breathe fresh air and connect to each other without the stressors of our current world weighing down on them.