Bison is good

Lewsiburg, Pennsylvania

About us

Bison is good was started as a management class project at Bucknell University in the Spring of 2019. The original order of t shirts sold out in a matter of days. Today, we customize our shirts to proudly represent specific teams, clubs, or groups in the Lewisburg, PA area and beyond. At the same time, we continue to maintain a certain universality that means you can rock our shirt even if you don’t belong to the associated group! A portion of each sale goes back to the associated group. The current sales drop supports the Outdoor Education & Leadership organization at Bucknell University. OEL connects students and faculty at Bucknell to many amazing outdoor adventures. Lewisburg is an outdoor-lover’s paradise in the heart of Pennsylvania — home to 117 state parks, 2.1 million acres of state forest land, thousands of miles of hiking and biking trails, rivers, quarries, caves, and campsites. Bucknell also operates one of the finest college or university challenges courses in the country. The programs develop student leadership, group dynamics and environmental stewardship while offering a conduit for students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the University to connect to our natural areas. Here at Bison is good, we love to get out there too and are so stoked to have the opportunity to support such an important and fun organization!

How Affected

Bison is good continues to operate during these hard times. As we are a predominately college campus-based business, we have been affected by the pandemic like many other small business. Any support you can give is appreciated, be it ordering a shirt or sticker, or even just following and sharing on social media.