With travel halted, customers sheltering in place, trips getting cancelled, and more, it's a complicated time for many folks. I sent out a call to the Outbound community a bit ago, but in the ensuing days we've been trying to figure out a more visible, accessible place for folks to share their stories. There's not a set of rules or schedule about how this works, we just want to help.

It's easy to add yourself, and share a bit about what you're going through. I'll be promoting and sharing via The Outbound. We'd love if you shared as well.

If you're an individual creator (photographer, videographer, writer, etc) you can fill out this form.

‍If you're a travel/outdoor business, you can fill out this form.

I'd like to change something I added to my profile

We can do that, just shoot me an email at kyle@theoutbound.com

How are listings ordered?

They should be displaying randomly. Take a few minutes, and discover a new photographer, tour company, or small business you never would have found otherwise. I may try and add some sort of search, but my priority was on something that looked great and worked, first.

Who built this site

Hi, I'm Kyle Frost. You can find me @kylefrost most places. I'm the creative director at The Outbound Collective, which was the impetus for this project.

Why "anotherpuffyjacket.com"?

Well, this was originally a gear site. I tore it up and re-jiggered a few things to make it work as a directory site for folks affected by COVID. Plus it's just a fun domain. The gear stuff still exists if you want to check it out. Hopefully this site can return to its sarcastic gear reviews as this crisis passes.